Successfully creating Identity Loyalty has tremendous benefits such as creating a self-energizing and organic community of brand ambassadors who promote and defend the brand out of their own desire to express themselves, increasing price elasticity and fending off competition.

Identity Loyalty does not happen by dumb luck. Some companies reach this iconic level (think Apple, Nike, Red Bull, Harley Davidson, etc.) but very few know how to infuse this thinking into their marketing strategy and brand evolution. It requires a deep psychological understanding of your customers.

This is the reason why Persona Partners was founded.

“Persona Partners is for discerning clients who seek to position their brand as a consumer ideal that symbolizes a unique identity, Persona Partners offers unparalleled expertise through comprehensive research, analysis and strategic consulting that allows clients to create a unique, insurmountable position in the marketplace.”

Persona Partners helps clients craft a marketing strategy that will set them apart and result in a brand identity that neatly intertwines with the identity of target customers. Unlike other market research consulting firms, Persona Partners:

1) Possesses a proprietary workflow tailored to develop customized identity brand strategy implementation

2) Harnesses over two decades of consumer identity research expertise and

3) Integrates a distinctive blend of academic theory with real world application.

Persona Partners’ expertise in Identity Loyalty coupled with rigorous academic research and empirical analysis, allows us to be able to assist clients in tracking the effectiveness of the Brand Implementation framework to ensure consistencies within the implementation of new brand strategy and to demonstrate that the strategy is meeting the client’s objectives.

To learn more about Identity Loyalty Branding please click on the article link below:
MIT Sloan Management Review – Americus Reed II and Lisa E. Bolton