Our mission is to reshape how companies approach brand development so as to create brands that transcend the products and services they represent to become ideals internalized by their customers as core components of their own identities resulting in Identity Loyalty.


The guiding philosophy of Persona Partners is to help companies, products, services and individuals achieve market growth by transforming their brand into a symbol that reflects the same ideals, aspirations and values of their target customers.

The suite of Personalytics services is designed to create this special dynamic through a rigorous deconstruction of the brand coupled with an identity breakdown of the target customer. Concepts, tools and techniques were derived specifically for this purpose through 15 years of research.

The process culminates in a synthesis of the new brand in a way that ignites a passion in customers. Identity Loyalty is an emotional connection that results in an impenetrable bond with the brand that is internalized and used as a means to express their values and priorities to the world around them.